Application Packages

Pre-configured application packages with fully tested sensors, controls and SCADA software

Building management systems

Control and monitor lighting, HVAC and energy usage without having to install any new wires or wireless equipment. Easily add motion, occupancy and environmental sensors any where in the building – without the need for new wiring or wireless setup
  • Zoned lighting with occupancy sensing using PLAN-IB3.
  • HVAC monitoring using off the shelf sensors with PLAN-IB1 application pack.
  • Power monitoring using clamp on current sensors and PLAN-IB1.
  • Temperature, humidity, CO2, volatile organic compounds, particulate matter monitoring with PLAN-AP1 application pack.
  • anonymous occupancy detection and people counting with PLAN-AP2

Infrastructure monitoring

Monitor infrastructure and environment city wide without having to install any new wires or wireless equipment. 
  • Use any commercial off-the-shelf sensors with NC1.
  • Unique transparent flow through architecture enables RS232 / RS485 sensors to send data over power lines without any need for intermediate equipment.
  • Applications range from weather sensing to traffic counting to water pipeline.
  • monitoring – essentially if there is a sensor with RS232 or RS485 or digital output – it can be wired to an PLAN-IB1, IB2 or IB3 and the data transmitted over power lines to a central SCADA or server.

Controlled environment agriculture

Monitor growth parameters while automating system controls easily without having to setup any wireless systems or run new wires
  • Use any commercial agriculture sensors – Analog, RS232, RS485, SDI12 with our PLAN-IBx interface boards.
  • Easily configure and add sensors using our unique sensor agnostic architecture in combination with an easy to use administration interface
  • Fully enclosed IP68 rated PLAN-APg agriculture solution packs available.
  • Dashboards, customized to your unique needs, and free of any cloud connectivity or subscription fees are available as needed.

Smart Lighting

Automate and enhance existing street lights with the addition of NC1 / NC2 / NM7  network nodes. Installation is as simple as twisting in a new NM7 or wiring in line and neutral of an NC1 in the access panel of a street lamp. 
  • Scheduled dimming 
  • microwave motion sensor activated dimming
  • automated power monitoring with lamp burnout notifications
  • Optional anonymous traffic / pedestrian counting with mm wave sensor
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